The Sonny Hawke Series

Hawke's FuryHawke’s Fury (June 1, 2020, Kensington Publishing Corp.)

Border patrol agents are being ambushed along the Big Bend region of West Texas, a notorious drug corridor running east and west across the Lone Star State. They’re not the only targets. A film production depicting human trafficking in the area has been attacked by a brutal drug cartel.

Into this lawless frontier steps Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke, ready and willing to dispense his own brand of justice. It’s an all-out war with the thinnest line separating the good from the bad. Sonny knows the only way out is to aim straight and stand your ground…

“There’s a term we use in the west, the genuine article, and those words fit Reavis Z. Wortham to a Texas T.”
—Craig Johnson


Hawke's Target by Reavis WorthamHawke’s Target (2019, Kensington Publishing Corp.)

Winner of the 2020 Spur Award for Best Mass Market Paperback Novel

Judge. Jury. Executioner. One man is taking the law into his own hands. His targets are criminals who slipped through the justice system. From California to Texas, this relentless avenger hunts down the unpunished and sentences them to death.

But now he’s on Sonny Hawke’s turf. A Texas Ranger committed to his job, Hawke will not abide vigilante justice—especially when innocents are also in the line of fire. The trail of bodies stretches across the Lone Star State to the most savage clan East Texas has ever seen. And Hawke is the only one who can stop them…

“If you look for authenticity in your books, you’ll swoon over Reavis Wortham. He’s Texas true.”
—C.J. Box


Hawke's War by Reavis Z. WorthamHawke’s War (2018, Kensington Publishing Corp.)

Winner of the 2019 Spur Award for Best Mass Market Paperback Novel

The serene beauty of West Texas’s Big Bend National Park is shattered when four hikers are brutally ambushed by a sniper. Only one survives to report the murders. When investigators come up with nothing, they’re left wondering if this is a single incident—or the beginning of a rampage. One week later, Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke drives his 3500 Dodge Dually into the park, determined to unearth the truth…

Before he knows it, he’s in the same sniper’s crosshairs. The drug and human smuggling cartel known as the Coyotes Rabiosos—Rabid Coyotes—have lured him to remote backcountry, looking for payback for an old grudge. Wounded and stranded in the harsh desert terrain, hunted, and outnumbered, Sonny is about to become the target of an even more dangerous enemy—one whose thirst for revenge could incite an international conflict far beyond the U.S.-Mexican border…

“Although Wortham’s Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke deals with modern-day security threats and international tensions, his adventures have the feel of the Old West about them, from the protagonists’ eschewing of technology to the remote and remorseless desert setting. The result is a book that will appeal to both fans of police procedurals and those with a fondness for the self-reliant lawmen of old. Hawke’s narrative voice is intriguing and insightful… Fans of the series will feel right at home here, and new readers should have little difficulty following this fast-paced story.”
RT Book Reviews 

“This elegant thriller that reads like a modern-day Western conjures memories of gunfighters of lore, a tradition Hawke proudly holds up while riding the ranges of Texas’s Big Bend National Park… Wortham hits the bull’s-eye dead center in this tale worthy of Louis L’Amour and James Lee Burke. Once of the best thrillers I’ve read this year, featuring emotional landscapes as sprawling as the physical ones.”
—The Providence Sunday Journal

“Wortham writes well in describing the forbidding landscape and the difficulties of those trying to survive in it, not easy even when people aren’t trying to kill you.  Readers who like action-packed thrillers that leave a lot of bodies should find Hawke’s War to their liking.”
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Hawke's Prey by Reavis Z. WorthamHawke’s Prey (2017, Kensington Publishing Corp.)

It’s a stunning attack, lightning quick and chilling in its execution. A merciless gang of terrorists seizes the Presidio County Courthouse in the midst of the worst blizzard West Texas has seen in a century. Loaded down with enough fire power to outfit an army, the attackers slaughter dozens, take all survivors hostage, and assume complete control. The nation—and the U.S. government—are at their mercy.

Or so they think. They don’t know that a seasoned Texas Ranger is also inside the courthouse. Sonny Hawke has hauled in some of America’s Most Wanted. Now he’s up against his most dangerous adversary yet. Sonny likes his chances. The enemy is his to take down—one by one. Until he’s face-to-face with the ruthless mastermind gunning for our very freedom…

Hawke's Prey Audiobook Cover
Also available as an audiobook!

“Wortham’s novel introduces readers to a dedicated and seasoned lawman whose complexity and humanity make him an ideal foil to the worst the world has to offer… The wonderfully distinct voice of Sonny himself, whose cordial descriptions and no-nonsense approach bring Ballard and its inhabitants to life… Wortham has crafted a winning hero with plenty of skills and staying power who is sure to earn the loyalty of readers who miss Elmore Leonard’s western lawmen.”
RT Book Reviews