Reavis travels extensively throughout Texas, speaking to groups on writing. Here is a list of his talks.

The Road to Publication, and Other Great Disasters

This discussion follows Reavis from his childhood attempts to write short stories. Several people were influential in sparking his interest in reading and writing, and their influence provided the impetus for the publication of The Rock Hole in 2011. Through the years, we see that he never gives up and continued to work hard to maintain a career while writing. Through humor and personal stories, this entertaining talk addresses the day he lost an entire manuscript through a technical glitch, and shows that determination is the key to an author’s success.

Lessons on Writing and Tips

Through humor and personal anecdotes, Reavis will take you through the lessons he’s learned as an author. Should you attend a writers’ conference, or be part of a writers group? When it comes to the job, should you write every day, and how long? What weakens a sentence, or a story? Do you need an agent? Do you have questions about writing or self-publishing? He has the answers.