Hawke’s Prey

2017 (Kensington Publishing Corp.)

Hawke's Prey by Reavis Z. WorthamIt’s a stunning attack, lightning quick and chilling in its execution. A merciless gang of terrorists seizes the Presidio County Courthouse in the midst of the worst blizzard West Texas has seen in a century. Loaded down with enough fire power to outfit an army, the attackers slaughter dozens, take all survivors hostage, and assume complete control. The nation—and the U.S. government—are at their mercy.

Or so they think. They don’t know that a seasoned Texas Ranger is also inside the courthouse. Sonny Hawke has hauled in some of America’s Most Wanted. Now he’s up against his most dangerous adversary yet. Sonny likes his chances. The enemy is his to take down—one by one. Until he’s face-to-face with the ruthless mastermind gunning for our very freedom…

“Wortham’s novel introduces readers to a dedicated and seasoned lawman whose complexity and humanity make him an ideal foil to the worst the world has to offer… The wonderfully distinct voice of Sonny himself, whose cordial descriptions and no-nonsense approach bring Ballard and its inhabitants to life… Wortham has crafted a winning hero with plenty of skills and staying power who is sure to earn the loyalty of readers who miss Elmore Leonard’s western lawmen.”
RT Book Reviews

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